Spring salad with goat cheese, beet and cress

Spring is coming and it’s getting warmer. There are more and more green vegetables in shops, to the delight of my eyes , and despair of my wallet (the prices are still beyond seasonal). There is , however, something that costs pennies and perfectly evokes childhood memories of spring. It cress! In my family home we used to grow cress in the same way. Together with my mom we used to choose the most shapely bowl, put it in a bigger plate and carefully cover it with cotton. Then the cotton (soaked with water) was thoroughly covered with previously soaked cress seeds.

In childhood the cress tasted best with a slice of buttered bread. Now this combination is impossible for me but decided to bring back this “common” sprouts in a new scene of the salad. I must admit it came out delicious. Cress fits perfectly with the other ingredients i just love: goat cheese and beets.


On a plate put spinach leaves, basil and lamb’s lettuce. Then arrange goat cheese slices.

Peel the cooked beets off the skin and cut into small strips (for the impatient ones – rub on a grater with coarse mesh) and add to the salad.

Sprinkle with a solid portion of cress, add the seeds and pour the sauce – olive oil mixed well with balsamic vinegar.


goat cheese and sprouts salad

goat cheese and sprouts salad

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