Spring egg drop soup

In view of the fact that I don’t eat bread and live on the principles of paleo I didn’t eat butter for ages. Recently, however, on Jamie’s Olivier Food Tube youtube channel I found a film depicting a recipe for drop egg soup. There was no chance, I had to try. I removed the legumes (not paleo for me) and asparagus (because despite the sincere desire and checking half of the city shops this time I couldn’t find it). I also added a radish because I like it cooked. And spinach, because I had a lot of it at home :)

It came out deliciously. The smell of butter and vegetables stayed in the kitchen for a long time and I  ate all the soup by myself. I feel a little embarrassed but in my defence I can say that there was no second course this day;)



Cut vegetables (here take the spring onions stem) into small pieces and put in the preheated, clarified butter and season with salt. Fry over low heat about 10 minutes or until roots are tender.
Add the warm chicken broth, chopped spinach and onion leaves. Add pepper and cook over low heat about 5 minutes. At the end, add the egg gently mixed with coconut milk.  Gently stir the soup.





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